About Us


Founded in 2003 by Dr. Alan Lau, the Richmond Community Benefit Center (RCBC) serves under the goal of enriching the local atmosphere. The Richmond Community Benefit Center provides discounts and activities for people from all walks of live. Using unbeatable value, we serve the people.

Become a member today and receive the following benefits:

  • Buy food at prices up to 30~40% lower than supermarket special prices! We help you budget!
  • Five-minute free international calls at the Centre; can call to up to 30 countries!
  • Bakery and dim sum/ food coupons that offer up to 30% discount!
  • Bus tours at 20% discount!
  • Discounted newspapers with free buns!
  • Birthday parties for members with cake, food and gifts! Free for birthday members!
  • Buy long-distance phone cards at 40% discount!
  • FREE financial consulting, employment training and computer classes for all ages!
  • Free weekly benefit seminars and training to learn about our programs!
  • Unconditional FREE lunches and product tasting to promote Centre and attract new members!
  • Fun activities in Centre for members to gather, connect and enjoy life!
  • Members can help us seek more benefits so the possibilities are endless!